Alarm Systems

Fire Alarms

Digital Security Systems is a state licensed fire alarm installer.

We have installed fire alarm systems in industrial factories, office buildings and medical facilities. Fire alarm systems consist of more than smoke and heat detectors.

Sensors which monitor fire sprinkler systems and hazardous gases are also widely used. Carbon monoxide detectors are the most popular sensor.

Most sensors have a built-in feature which allows the system to check all devices each hour. If a device is defective the system will detect this and contact the central station. The central monitoring station will then dispatch a technician or contact the designated emergency contact to arrange for repair.

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Burglar Alarms

We design, install, monitor and service residential, commercial and industrial burglar alarms.

We use DSC, Ademco, Napco and Caddx equipment. Systems range from a basic residential system which would consist of contacting the doors and windows to a large industrial plant where temperatures and industrial processes are monitored.

Most systems are "hard wired". This means a wire is run to each sensor and terminated at the main control panel and then programmed to monitor a specific condition.

We also use "wireless" sensors. The wireless technology incorporates 433 MHz wireless technology. A main receiver is installed in a central location to receive the signals generated by the remote transmitters. The wireless transmitters which consist of door and window contacts, motion sensors, smoke and heat detectors are then installed.

Wireless medical and panic alarms can also be installed. All our systems are monitored in Cleveland, Ohio by a UL listed monitoring center.

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